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Ever feel that the Wix app store is lacking in a quality Event Calendar apps? So did we.

Event Calendar App isn't just for Wix, and so we're not on their official app store. But we integrate with Wix perfectly.

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Use Event Calendar App's powerful editor to build exactly the kind of Event Calendar you want for Wix. Customise almost everything, Add images, filter options, images, thumbnails and much more!

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Event Calendar App is super easy to add to your Wix site. We walk you through every step of the process. It's as simple as copy and pasting a little snippet of code.

Fully responsive and adaptable to your site

Event calendar app looks great on your desktop, tablet and mobile site. It also fully adapts to the space that you give it. Want a calendar that dominates your page? Great! Want a calendar that sits subtly in a sidebar? Also great!

Your customers need to keep updated about your events

That's why we let your customers subscribe to your Event Calendar. This means that your events will appear directly inside their own calendar.

Your website deserves an amazing Event Calendar

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