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Hi, I'm Alex, founder of Event Calendar App. 👋

Thanks for checking out our integration with Shopify!

We built the original Event Calendar App integration with Shopify over 6 years ago and since then we have consistently been the best Event Calendar available for Shopify.

Shopify doesn't come with any built-in way to add an Event Calendar. What you could do (and what I have seen done) is simply create a simple text page and list all of your events. This works, but you'd be missing out on a lot of the benefits of using a more sophisticated solution like Event Calendar App.

We're more than just an Event Calendar though as we actually help you to market your events. Our subscription feature lets your customers subscribe to your events and receive your latest updates inside their own calendar.

A significant benefit of using Event Calendar App with Shopify is the fact that you can also use it to sell tickets and collect RSVP's. Shopify by itself isn't the best platform for selling tickets because it's made for selling 'products'. Presenting events for sale in a calendar style format is nigh on impossible with Shopify alone and Event Calendar App makes that easy.

We have hundreds of customers using Event Calendar App with Shopify who are very happy. Maybe have a look what the fuss is all about? ❤️


Build your Event Calendar.

A no-nonsense editor that makes building your Event Calendar easy. Add your events, upload images and choose from different themes. If you're selling tickets, use the editor to configure everything from the price, to how many tickets your selling.

Event Calendar Subscription Example
Example of tickets screen

Built for your website.

Our platform transforms your website into an event marketing machine. Customers can browse, search, filter and subscribe to your events for future updates.


Sell tickets or collect RSVPs from your own website. Keep all the money.

The magic of Event Calendar App is that it's built from the ground up to be used on your website. No redirecting customers away from your website to make a purchase. We don't charge any fees for ticket sales. No really - none.

Example of tickets screen
Example of tickets screen

Manage everything from your dashboard.

Everything your business cares about presented in an easy to understand way. Analaytics on views and subscribers, check your RSVP or tickets sales and invite team members to join in on the fun.

Event Calendar App + Shopify

We've been powering Event Calendars for Shopify since 2016. We were one of the original Event Calendars for the platform.

Take a look at our official app on the Shopify App Store.

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