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A more advanced, more sophisticated 'calendar block'

Event calendars are the only thing we do. I'm serious, the only thing.

We're able to focus purely on creating the best Event Calendar possible. The Squarespace calendar block is good, but when you're ready for something next level, we're here.

Build your perfect Event Calendar

Use Event Calendar App's powerful editor to build exactly the kind of Event Calendar you want for Squarespace. Customise almost everything, Add images, filter options, images, thumbnails and much more!

Unbelivably easy to add

No fancy trickery. You can add it to your Squarespace site as easily as any other block. Oh, and if you ever decide to move away from Squarespace, you can add Event Calendar App anywhere, on almost all platforms.

Fully responsive and adaptable to your site

Event calendar app looks great on your desktop, tablet and mobile site. It also fully adapts to the space that you give it. Want a calendar that dominates your page? Great! Want a calendar that sits subtly in a sidebar? Also great!

Let your customers subscribe to your events

Using Event Calendar App, your customers can subscribe to your events. This means all your events will appear inside their own calendar. This keeps them updated, even when they're not visiting your site.

Give your events the attention they deserve.

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