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Build a beautiful event calendar for your website that your customers can use to explore your events, register and buy tickets. Manage everything with simple to use tools. For businesses hosting events, classes, courses or workshops.
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"We switched from Eventbrite and saw our ticket sales increase by 161%. Our customers are busy professionals and we wanted a simple way for them to register on our website. I think the results speak for themselves."

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Hanna Hart
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How it works
Sell more tickets, with less hassle, from your own website.
1. Create

Create your embeddable Event Calendar

So easy your grandma could do it. Easily build an Event Calendar using our best in class editor and embed it on your website. Add and edit your events with ease.

Preview image of ECA editor
2. Tickets & Registrations

Ticket sales and registrations from your website

Customers use your Event Calendar to purchase tickets and register for your events - all from your own website. Oh, and did we mention we have no per ticket fees? Really.

Preview image of ECA payments
3. Manage

Simple attendee management

Attendee management that doesn’t require a team of staff. Easily see who’s coming to your events, and keep track of your attendees.

Preview image of attendees functionality in ECA.

1,284 businesses sold $3,735,413.72 worth of tickets and processed 108,600 orders in 2023 with Event Calendar App.

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"We’ve processed high 6 figures worth of tickets through ECA and we can’t really imagine our business without it. My favourite thing about ECA is how easy it is to use for both customers and staff."

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Kelly Ackerman
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Hey there,

Alex here. Founder of Event Calendar App. I've got a question for you...

Are you here because:

  • You’ve tried (probably while pulling your hair out) to adapt your ecommerce system to work for ticket sales and event registration? Or…
  • You’ve got your website already and you’ve tried one of the big ticketing sites (I’m looking at you Eventbrite) only to realise not only does it cost a fortune, but you loose your customers to their website and their branding. Or…
  • You’re about to scream if you try yet another Wordpress plugin?

Or maybe you’re a lucky one. Maybe you found us first, before you tried these other options? Well you’ve just saved yourself a whole bunch of time and pain.

This is why I built Event Calendar App. To give you a new option. An option to own your events, with your branding, on your own website. An option to display your events on your website in a way that makes sense, and makes your customers want to register! After all, that’s what matters.

In the last 7 years ECA has helped hundreds of businesses transform their events process and sell millions of dollars in tickets. Fancy giving us a try?

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Picture of the founder of ECA
Event Calendar App Founder

Still got some questions?

Ok, no worries at all!

Let me give a really clear example.

Let’s pretend you run a yoga studio.

Event Calendar App lets you build an Event Calendar containing all of your classes. We call this Event Calendar the ‘widget’. This widget can then be added (or some people call it embedded) onto your website.

You’re customers can then use the widget to browse your different events, and book onto classes.

Event Calendar App then gives you a simple to use dashboard that you can use to see who’s coming to your events, manage your attendees, and all that good stuff.

It’s actually easier to say what Event Calendar App doesn’t work great for…

Look, if you’re Taylor Swift’s agent and you’re looking to sell a billion tickets in 60 seconds, we’re probably not for you.

If you’re selling tickets where you need advanced seating plan functionality, we’re also not for you.

ECA is not appointment software. We don’t work well in situations where the user can pick a range of times, which is then blocked off for the next person. For example property rentals, boat hire, that sort of thing…

You’ll get the most value out of ECA if you run multiple events, rather than a one off single event. But you can still use it for this.

For almost everything else, ECA is going to work like a dream.

Absolutely. We have functionality where once someone registers for your event you can automatically send them an email that invites them to a online meeting. For example, zoom, teams, google, whatever it might be.

Event Calendar App directly links to your own ‘Stripe’ account.

If you’ve not heard of Stripe before, they’re a very commonly used payment processor. They ‘power’ the transaction in the background that takes the customer’s credit card details and charges it.

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated. It’s not, I promise.

But what this means is that Event Calendar App does not act as a middle man between you and your money. ECA uses your Stripe account to take payment and Stripe sends you the money directly.

Unfortunately, we do not support Paypal or other payment processors at the moment.

You can find all of our pricing here.

Pricing is on a per month basis and scales up, generally speaking, based on how many tickets you sell per month.

If you have months where you sell lots of tickets, and other months where you don’t, you can easily turn your plan up and down. There’s no need to contact us or anything like that. And you’re not locked into any sort of contract.

Event Calendar App works on 99% of website builders and custom coded websites.

Website builders we’re commonly used on include:

  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • Squarespace
  • Bigcommerce
  • Webflow
  • Wix

But we work on almost all of them.

Get in touch if you have any questions about this.

Nope. We provide a public url that you could send people to instead. Here’s an example of our demo calendar on its own page.

Really. You know how most services charge you a fee per ticket sold? Yeh - we don’t do that.

This is particularly bad if you sell ‘cheap’ tickets because these per ticket fees can be a HUGE chunk of your revenue.

Oh, and yes, I know it’s often possible to pass these fees to your customer, but they’re sick of being nickel and dimed at every possible moment. And anyway, wouldn’t you rather keep this extra profit for yourself?

ECA has a fixed monthly fee for using our software. That’s it.

We are. See our terms and privacy policy.

We integrate with thousands of other applications via Zapier.

Join thousands of other businesses using the platform that makes ticketing and registration a joy.

"I can't say enough good things about the app and the team behind this app. The level of support we have received has been out of this world" - Kobe Steakhouse & Lounge
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