Sell tickets and collect registrations

Allow your customers to purchase tickets, and register for your events from your own website. Oh, and did we mention we charge no ‘per ticket’ fees
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Your customers never leave your website.
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"We were looking for a replacement for eventbrite and researched all the event apps available for Shopify and found Event Calendar App to be the most useful for our case."
Kobe Steakhouse & Lounge

No ‘per ticket’ fees

We think that being charged per ticket sold sucks. If you sell a large amount of tickets at a relatively low per ticket value then you get dumped with huge fees.

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On page checkout

Your customer never leaves your website during the entire checkout process. Never send your customer to a third party ticketing website again.

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Custom forms

Easily collect additional information from your customers such as phone numbers, dietry requirements etc.

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Ticket Types & Ticket Groups

Create multiple ticket types per event, or use ticket groups for more complex options.

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Discount codes

Built in discount code support to create offers for your customers.

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Tax support

Easily create tax rates and apply them to events.

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Schedule ticket availability

Easily schedule when tickets become for sale and when sales end.

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Payments processed by Stripe

All payment processing happens through your Stripe account meaning we don't act as a middleman for payments. You get paid directly.

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