26th June 2022

Easily see all the rsvps and purchases for an event directly from the editor.

Simply click on an event, head to the RSVP/Tickets tab (on the left) and click "See all responses to this event".

20th June 2022

The RSVP/Tickets page, where you see all the purchases and rsvps for your events, has been completely re-built with a host of new features:

  • Faster - The RSVP/Tickets page now loads significant faster. Accounts with a large number of purchases sometimes found this page a little slow.
  • Group by - View your purchases in order of purchase date or grouped by event.
  • Search & filter - Search for purchases with the new search functionality. Choose to only see purchases between certain dates.
  • New export functionality - Export all purchases between two set dates. Very useful for accounting purposes.
10th June 2022

We've refreshed the admin section of Event Calendar App with a new, cleaner look. 🤓

13th May 2022

A new navigation bar has been added to the bottom of the event calendar widget. This makes it more obvious to users when they scroll to the bottom that more events may be available.

18th April 2022

Zapier intergation is now live. 🎉

See our app's page on Zapier
1st April 2022

Duplicating an event as been made clearer to show which event is the original and which is the duplicated event.

The editor also now 'auto-focuses' on the new duplicated event.

23rd March 2022

A confirmation page has been added which shows after the customer has made a purchase. It provides a summary of the purchase rather than the modal simply closing.

In addition, a customisable message can be added to the bottom of the screen.

15th March 2022

New Shopify customers can now sell tickets using our Shopify checkout integration.

Check out the demo here https://eca-demo-store.myshopify.com/

20th December 2021

You can now create coupons and decide which events that coupon can be used with. Before, you could only create coupons and allow them to be used with all of your events.

10th December 2021

ECA now supports adding tax to your ticket sales. Ideal if you need to apply sales tax or VAT.

1st December 2021

You can now 'feature' events. Featured events will always appear at the top of your listings, irrelevant of their date.

This is great if you're running regular events but have a particularly special event that you want to promote.

15th November 2021

You can now show a timezone next to your event times. Turn this feature on from inside the editor.

10th November 2021

The event 'add to calendar' button has been changed so that it adds events into an existing calendar rather than creating a new subscription. The old system didn't work very well because if the customer wanted to subscribe to 10 of your events, it would effectively create 10 new calendars in their calendar app. Not ideal.

The downside to this is that we can't automatically update the event in the customers calendar if you update the event in ECA. Boo! However, when your customer adds your event to their calendar we include a nice link which enables them to check the absolute latest details.

2nd November 2021

Overhauled ticket types functionality. You can now set limits on a per ticket basis, or create groups of tickets and set a limit on that.

You can also change the order in which ticket types are displayed simply by dragging them.

1st November 2021

This is the start of the changelog!

Now clearly there's been many improvements before November, but from today I've decided to start documentating the changes in the form of a 'changelog'. This will enable you to see what has changed and when.