The event calendar ticketing platform
built for GoDaddy

Build a beautiful Event Calendar for your GoDaddy website that customers can use to explore your events, register and buy tickets.
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Are you trying to find a beautiful way to promote your events on GoDaddy?

And are you looking for a way to collect registrations or sell tickets to your events?

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How it works
Sell more tickets, with less hassle, from your GoDaddy website
1. Create

Create your embeddable Event Calendar

So easy your grandma could do it. Easily build an Event Calendar using our best in class editor and embed it on your website. Add and edit your events with ease.

Preview image of ECA editor
2. Tickets & Registrations

Ticket sales and registrations from your website

Customers use your Event Calendar to purchase tickets and register for your events - all from your own website. Oh, and did we mention we have no per ticket fees? Really.

Preview image of ECA payments
3. Manage

Simple attendee management

Attendee management that doesn’t require a team of staff. Easily see who’s coming to your events, and keep track of your attendees.

Preview image of attendees functionality in ECA.

ECA + GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the ultimate one page site builder. In fact, we love it so much we wrote a whole blog post about it.

Take a look at this example site we made using GoDaddy + Event Calendar App.

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