The most powerful 'widget' you'll ever use

We call it an Event Calendar Widget because we're pretty sure that's what you've heard it called until now, but we think that plays it down. Event Calendar App adds an entire platform to your website that enables you to market and sell your events.

An example of the Event Calendar widget in action:

Responsive Website Calendar


The Event Calendar Widget will adapt to your customers screen. Whether they're on a tablet, a mobile, or their desktop, the widget will look beautiful.

Works Everywhere

Works on all platforms and all devices

We built the Event Calendar Widget so that it'll work everywhere. If you need to ask us if it'll work on [insert your website/platform here], the answer is almost certainly yes.

Fast and Efficient

Built for performance

The Event Calendar Widget is crafted with modern Javascript technologies. You need an Event Calendar that loads quickly and doesn't let you down. We've got that covered.

We do a ton of stuff to optimise your Event Calendar that you’ll never even have to worry about. All images are automatically optimised to load quickly for your customer, everything is zipped up and compressed and we make sure the Event Calendar doesn’t affect anything else on your website.


Multi Calendar

Add multiple Event Calendar Widgets to a single page, or add the same events with different widget settings across multiple pages. So you want list view on one page, and grid view on another? No worries.

Add to your website

Easy to Implement

Each of your widgets comes with a single line of code. Just copy and paste it to wherever you want the Event Calendar to appear. That’s it. We’re yet to have a single customer that has any trouble integrating.

Readable by search

Optimised for Search Engines

Unlike our competitors, our widget doesn’t use Iframes. Unfortunately for us, this makes life slightly more difficult, however for you this is great. It means Google can read all of your events and index them in its database.

Give your events the attention they deserve.

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