Event Calendar App is a beautiful embeddable platform for your website that makes it easy to collect RSVPS. All the magic happens on your website, we'll never send them anywhere else.

How it works:

Create your Event Calendar

Adding the widget is the first step to everything. Use our editor to create the widget to showcase your events. Add your events and add it to your website.


Setup the RSVP

Use our editor to open the event for RSVPs. Configure a range of settings including setting limits, ticket types, customise the form, and add any additional information to the customer confirmation email.

Your customer RSVPs


Once your customer RSVPs we'll send them an email, sent from your address, to confirm. You can adjust this email to contain additional information or secret content such as zoom links and passwords. We'll also sent you an update email (if you like).



See everything you need from the simple to use dashboard.

Collect RSVPS on your website.

All new accounts come with a 7 day, no obligation, trial.

Get your event calendar