How to use ECA with free or paid virtual events

How to use ECA with free or paid virtual events

The world's going online for a while. Even as we begin to take back to the streets, one thing's for sure, online events are going to be more popular than ever.

Using Event Calendar App, you can collect RSVP's for people who want to attend your virtual events. You can also take payment, and monetise your meetings.

Here's how virtual events work with Event Calendar App.

Depending on what software you use to host the event, there will be some way to invite others to the event. I'll use Zoom as an example because that's crazy popular at the moment.

In Zoom, when you create your 'meeting' you get an invitation URL that looks something like this:

That's the important link that you want to share with your guests after they have RSVP'd or paid for the event. Again, this won't be exactly the same in other apps, but there will be something similar.

Create your Event in Event Calendar App

Head to your ECA dashboard and create your event. Here's my Yoga event that I'll be hosting online.

Click on the RSVP/Tickets tab.

The majority of the settings here should be self explanatory. I've set my event to be a paid event and I've changed the button to say 'Buy Tickets'. My event now looks like this:

And if I click on 'Buy Tickets' I can see the ticket purchase form.

Back to the settings, you will see that there is an option called the 'Confirmation Email Message'. This lets you add a message that your attendee will receive after they complete the ticket purchase form, or RSVP form if it's a free event. This is where we will add the meeting link.

Importantly, this message is invisible until they RSVP or pay for the event, depending on how it is setup.

That's it, you're all done! When an attendee pays for the event (in my case) they will receive an email that looks like this:

Notice the extra information box. That gives them the details they need to join your virtual meeting.

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