How to find amazing images for your event calendar

How to find amazing images for your event calendar

There's a new wave of websites popping up offering you incredible images for absolutely nothing.

The catch? There isn't one...really.

As I've said before, image is everything. And if you want people to take notice of your events then quality images are going to help you massively on that journey.

Which Event Calendar are you more likely to buy from?

Or one with no images like this:

I find it really difficult to put into words why adding images has such a huge effect, but just look at the difference.

Having an image helps your customer really imagine themselves at the event and I also think it adds an extra level of legitimacy.

The problem with quality images is that they cost time and money. Not only do you need to spend the cash, but sometimes you just want to get your events up on your site this second and have them looking great.

The solution? I introduce you to

It continues to amaze me the number of people who have still not heard about this site. But it is incredible.

It's chock full of really high quality photos that you are free to use for both business and personal use.

Unsplash is my go to resource when I just need some quality photos quick. I've actually uploaded a few photos of my own.

So next time your uploading some new events take a second and add some images too. It's probably a lot easier than you think.

P.S - There's no link between Event Calendar App and Unsplash. We're just huge fans of their service!

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